I have written about the PARENTHOOD in the past. Tonight one of the main character couples have to tell their son that he has Aspergers.  PARENTHOOD has depicted unprecedented subjects throughout their last two season. Tonight marks another pivotal moment (last season this couple found out that their son who they knew was “different” has Aspergers) where the child asks, “I have Aspergers? What does that mean?” (To watch the show go to nbc.com)

I am very interested to see how this poignant talk pans out. Funny enough (I am forgetting to laugh- hahaha) we are in a similar position with telling B that he has Tourette’s. At the moment, we have had two conversations where we discussed, very briefly, that he has tics and that we are going to have someone come to the house and help us work on relaxation exercises and breathing methods. This is really hard for me to do. The hubby has been much stronger about this whole matter of telling our son. I wonder why that is. Is it because I can’t help him? Is it because I can’t fix his disorder? Or, is it because he is my child. He is the being that grew inside me and I am in awe of his growth daily and it is a mother’s worst nightmare to tell her child that he has something that he cannot get rid, will affect him for the rest of his life, and most likely he will have to grow an extra set of jewels to conquer the social awkwardness and stupidity that will take place throughout his adolescent years. There is something about the action of telling him that I can’t cope with at the moment.

The hubby and I have discussed this many times and what we have told him is good enough for now. We will bring it up again next week and then talk about it with the psychologist that will be coming to our home in a week and half.  I am nervous about that talk. I am nervous about that visit. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. This is what I have to work on personally. I realize that, I am aware of it and admitting it to my blog world is the first step.

It is fascinating to find out how others have told their children about them having a disorder. My friend sent me an autism speaks blog today that was all about how different parents (even some of them grandparents) broke the news to their kids.  It is haunting and riveting at the same time. http://blog.autismspeaks.org/2011/02/28/i-have-aspergers-whats-aspergers/


Have you all caught at least one interview with Charlie Sheen? For a brief moment, I was leaning towards Charlie’s side against CBS. Then, I saw an interview and then another one and then another one and he needs help. It is so sad, to me, that National TV is exploiting him like so. He is in so much trouble, physically and chemically.  I feel bad for his kids because one day they will be old enough and will view all of this footage and who knows what their reaction will be.